Designing the product

and website for the

Cardano native DEX

2021 - 2023
UX/UI Design


WingRiders’ team correctly assessed that a relatively novel product of this complexity requires a strong user experience. But that’s not enough. To distinguish the product from other DeFi projects (often copycats following the field leaders), we also needed to bring a strong & unique visual identity.
phone mockup
phone mockup


We were approached early on in the process and helped the client with information architecture, UX maps, user flows, art direction, design system and UI design. The whole art direction centers around a casual look n’feel with a slight touch of heroism.

That’s because the tech savvy males play a major role in the today’s customer base in the DeFi vertical. Isn’t it great to feel like a hero while swapping crypto tokens on a random Sunday evening?
phone mockup
phone mockup
phone mockup


Cryptocurrency trading on decentralised exchanges has one crucial advantage: there is no single point of control. In contrast to traditional exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, the users can also enjoy lower fees and more overall anonymity.
phone mockup
phone mockup
phone mockup
phone mockup

We cover a full design process


UX Research
Stakeholder Workshops
Information Architecture


Design System
Product Design
Martin Mroč

Lead UI Designer

Róbert Macháč

Lead UX Designer

Viktor Surovčík

UX/UI Designer

Jan Škrabálek

UX/UI Designer

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